NEW! Falling Skies: Planetary Warfare

Can you survive? Join the epic battle for planet Earth in this free-to-play game inspired by the TNT series. Build an army to demolish enemy strongholds, strategically build your bases to withstand attacks.

Choose which side of the battle you want to join: Lead the human resistance as they fight against the merciless invader aliens or become an alien commander determined to conquer the few remaining human survivors. Build your base, level up your troops and test your skills against thousands of other players online!

Play along while you watch!

Open this free app while watching the new season of FALLING SKIES and get trivia, polls, behind-the-scenes info and more, all matched up with what you’re seeing on your TV. The app will detect where you are in the program and serve up content to enhance your viewing experience.

And you won’t be alone—there’s a live, in-app chat for each episode, where you can share your own theories and thoughts with your fellow fans.

Be sure to keep the app open after the episode for the official FALLING SKIES post-show, 2ND WATCH, hosted by Wil Wheaton!