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Building the Stage

November 1, 2012

There are a lot names and faces you’ve come to know over the last 3 years of Falling Skies. Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood and of course, Steven Spielberg, to name a few. Even directors and producers such as Greg Beeman and Remi Aubuchon may now sound familiar. But there’s one more I want you to remember.

Rob Gray.

And he’s a genius.

Rob is that one guy that whom without, the world of Falling Skies would look like your Aunt Silvia’s backyard. READ MORE

A Message from Colin Cunningham

August 27, 2012

An open letter to fans of FALLING SKIES.

Hope you’ve enjoyed Season 2, my friends.

Fortunately, we’ve begun the process of shooting Season 3! And from all involved, we just wanted to thank you for taking the ride with us. READ MORE

Pope Out.

August 20, 2012

This could be my last blog for awhile.

It’s been quite the week and I’ve had much to say. But to tell you the truth, after last night I can’t even remember my own name.

Let me just put it this way… We are not alone.

Not only that, but it’s getting pretty damn crowded around here. Talk about illegal aliens.

I’m starting to think Tom Mason has given amnesty to the universe. And every Darth Vader with a rocket and set of jumper cables is now coming out for the free buffet. READ MORE


July 30, 2012

The second Mass has convinced itself that Charleston is the promised land. A candy-coated Zion where rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies.

And, I think I’m gonna puke.

Elvis will be there. Barney the dinosaur will be handing out lolly pops and Bob Marley will be singing ‘Three Little Birds’. Completely oblivious to the fact that those ‘three little birds pitch by door step’ have had their f*cking heads blown off. READ MORE

Heading West

July 9, 2012

The birds are all gone.

Don’t mind the absence of people so much. But when there’s not even a blue jay to whistle-in the morning sun, it makes for a lonely breakfast.

Anthony put down a dog today. It was feral, only had half a jaw and was suffering pretty bad. It’s a sad thing when your only good deed for the day is to kill something. But, that’s the world we’re now living in and the man barely spoke a word for the rest of the afternoon.READ MORE