Heading West

July 9, 2012

The birds are all gone.

Don’t mind the absence of people so much. But when there’s not even a blue jay to whistle-in the morning sun, it makes for a lonely breakfast.

Anthony put down a dog today. It was feral, only had half a jaw and was suffering pretty bad. It’s a sad thing when your only good deed for the day is to kill something. But, that’s the world we’re now living in and the man barely spoke a word for the rest of the afternoon.

We’ve headed west. Seattle seems like a good bet. Even though most of the city was reduced to rubble, I know of at least a couple of neighborhoods in south Seattle not even the Skitters would have the balls to invade.

I wonder what Maggie’s up to…

Have to admit, she’s been working Audie Murphy (aka Hal Mason) pretty good. And not that I’m saying she doesn’t have feelings for Hal, but like any good musician, you don’t start to ‘play’ until you’ve at least tuned the damn thing up. And, that boy is most certainly getting tuned.

Hal’s a tough kid. About as fearless as a spider spinning it’s web over the mouth of a howitzer. But he’s not without his weaknesses… And Margaret owns every one of them. And in the middle of all this garbage, if that kid actually dares explore the darkness of that woman’s heart, he’d better bring a case of flares and a very long rope.

Just a thought, dear diary.

Just a thought.